Competency towards HSE Excellence and HRO’s - Competenze per HSE e HRO d'eccellenza

Competency towards HSE Excellence and HRO’s - Competenze per HSE e HRO d'eccellenza
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23/11/2022 11:00 - 12:30
Sala: SALETTA AIAS - B13 - Padiglione 21
Capienza sala: 30
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AIAS Academy
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AIAS - Associazione Italiana Ambiente e Sicurezza e AIASCERT

Reputation, reliability and enhanced business performance are some of the assets which companies may get by having standards, procedures and customized policies for HSE. To reach this positive safety culture it is required more than a good H&S management system. 
The multidisciplinary approach – from the workforce to the community - should be on top of the agenda to create the desired balance between Finances, People and Environment as the HSE Excellency should be addressed as a continuous act and not only as an outcome.
Reinforcing the idea, the concept of HRO’s (High Reliability Organizations) is an organization with predictable and repeatable systems that support consistent operations while catching and correcting potentially catastrophic errors before they happen.
To succeed in harsh environments and external uncertainties - where accidents and risk factors are present – the goal of any Organization is to guarantee its business continuity with resilience among their business ecosystems. 
The survival of the fittest starts with competency towards HSE Excellence and harnessing HRO’s!